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Doors and Windows Installation for Calgary, AB Homeowners

Meena Development solid vinyl windows are constructed with solid vinyl extrusions. The fact that we use the best vinyl available is the reason our factory is able to produce the best windows for the best price. Vinyl is thermally efficient with insulation values comparable to wood. The natural insulation properties of vinyl are made even better through the use of our special double wall design that creates dead air chambers in both the frame and sash members. Combined with the vinyl is a 1″ overall sealed insulated glass. The glass units are assembled using warm edge technology which helps eliminate the conduction of heat and cold. The process eliminates a major problem that occurs with windows that use metal spacers between the glass. Unlike some windows with separate inner glass panels, our sealed glass units will not fog up or allow the accumulation of dirt between the glass.In addition a highly rated Low-E 366 CAD glass is used for even greater energy efficiency windows there by creating higher insulation values.

At Meena Development, we take pride in offering a wide selection of custom doors in Calgary area.

Whether you’re looking for vinyl replacement doors to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, or need a custom patio door for your new patio, you’ll soon discover why our vinyl doors are such a popular choice. Vinyl doors are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain.

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